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Travel Content Creation

by Juliane Maier

Sep 12, 2022

Travel Content Creation - Things I've learned, how I manage to work while traveling - and how you can, too!

As a content creator, I always strive to get the best shots at the best places - and what could be better than discovering and capturing them in a different country? For me, traveling means diving into another culture, learning about other traditions, and also about myself. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to combine it with my passion and work - filmmaking and photography.

Over the last couple of years, I have visited many countries and shared my favorite captures on Instagram - in my eyes the best way to build up an online portfolio, connect, and get inspired. In this blog entry, I will give you a summary of how I plan my trips, what they look like, and how I manage to work while traveling - and how you can, too!

How I plan my trips

Planning a trip may sound easier than it is, especially when you want to combine it with work. Important to say - you can (and in my opinion should) not plan everything out - while traveling some things happen unexpectedly and you may have to reschedule some plans. So it‘s about finding the right balance between enough time and maximum productivity for work and also leaving some free space to enjoy the place you're at.

When I've figured out a place to visit, I ask myself these questions:

  • Whom do I want to go with? (Any like-minded people who can help me with projects; or models; whom can I learn from?)

99% of the trips I have organized were with people I know over Instagram. There are always many different personalities with different skills coming together - the perfect way to grow and learn from each other. But what I enjoy the most is the personal connection you get - from strangers to friends.

  • Which brands can I work with and why should I choose them for this exact place?

One example: In Bali, I worked with Gotbag - they collaborate with a clean-up program in Indonesia to produce backpacks - the relation to the location was perfect. Figure out which brand fits you and the place you want to go and don‘t be too shy to reach out and pitch some creative ideas!

  • Which places do I want to visit and with which hotels/rentals nearby could I work? (for example free stay in exchange for content production)

I normally text hotels/rentals around 1 month before the estimated time of the stay, so there is enough time to plan and talk about deliverables. Mostly my cooperation looks like a free 2-3 night stay in exchange for daily stories and some photos. For this, you normally don't need to have a big following - as soon as your work persuades the marketing team!

Reality check

I think it's funny that some people call these content trips ‘vacation’ because many connect traveling with getting some distance to your job. Still, I have to say, it's probably a bigger hustle than work at home - with on the one hand client work to fulfill - on the other hand personal content for socials. On Instagram it mostly looks like staying at great places, having amazing food, and seeing the best spots around (which are cool things about it), but it's also a mixture of catching sunsets and sunrises, editing in between 3 hours of sleep for 2 weeks straight. Don‘t get me wrong, I enjoy doing it and I would not choose differently, it is always a super crazy time - sometimes a day feels like a whole week because you experience so many things. And mostly you meet like-minded creators you can connect with, which is also pretty exciting - not always knowing what and who expects you.


So, let's sum this all up. You can combine work as a content creator and traveling (quick side note: you could also do remote work like social media management or editing videos) even if you do not have the greatest following or are just starting into travel photo/videography.

In the beginning, you may have to invest some money and go on trips to build up your portfolio in the travel niche - my personal number one tip is consistency. If you set clear goals, you can achieve them if you keep working for them.

Trips with other content creators are a great way to grow, learn, and get inspired by people that may have achieved the goals you set for yourself. But in the end, there is one very important aspect you shouldn’t forget: Don’t forget to enjoy the moment itself without getting completely lost in the content creation, because what is a picture with a great view without a feeling and memory behind it?

P.S.: If you’re interested to join my next content travel trip, just reach out and send me a message at @juliane.valentina

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