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How to find more purpose in your work

by Jakub Chlouba

Oct 24, 2022

Let me start with a question - Why did you become a filmmaker? And I would like you to give yourself a 100% honest answer.

How to find more purpose in your work

Let me start with a question - Why did you become a filmmaker? And I would like you to give yourself a 100% honest answer.

Some of us started because we wanted to share stories, some of us wanted to be vloggers, some of us started because we love beautiful visuals and some of us maybe just thought it might be a cool career. But often this initial motive changes or shapes throughout our journey and we have to deal with rude clients, countless revisions, late payments, and projects that literally make us wanna quit. During these times it's easy to feel like our work lacks purpose or that we don't even know our purpose.

So here are a few tips on how to find more purpose in your creations, hope it helps :)

1# Purpose comes from within

I find that often purpose lies within you. Within your values and the things that matter to you. But because of the huge amount of content that we are exposed to each day, whether on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok we tend to compare our work to others and I often find myself wanting to create similar things to what I see without considering if it will actually bring any meaning to me and the viewers. But how could a work that is created in this way create any meaningful feelings? So I suggest you to go within, to quiet yourself and to really think about the force that drives us, what brings you joy, and how do you want to make others feel. This is the type of question that pops up in my mind and maybe it will be different questions for your but try to explore whatever comes up and then use it for your next passion project!

#2 Be selfless

Well, what do I mean by that when we are talking about finding purpose in YOUR work, right? I've found out that what brings the most purpose to my work is when I can help others tell their story and my focus is not on making the film most visually appealing or the coolest edit (ofc I keep these things in mind) but to fulfill a certain purpose for the other person. This could be helping a charity raise funds, helping an artist share his/hers story, or helping a friend create a film for his business. Of course, you cannot just jump into any film that helps someone, ideally, try to use the first tip to point you in the right direction.

For example, maybe after calming your mind, you've found out that you really care about gender quality so why not tell a story about someone from the LGBTQ community who is doing great things for the community or is an artist? Try it and see for yourself!

#3 Be yourself

Trying to replicate others' work is a great learning tool. Still, as we grow as filmmakers it's important to develop our own voice because only that way we can tell stories that feel authentic and original, after all, each of us is original and each of us has his/hers way of seeing the world. So I dare you to not be shy and afraid but to express yourself because no one else can do it for you. There is so much more purpose in creating from within.

Of course to stay inspired we need to watch the works of others but let those works be a pure inspiration rather than a blueprint for our next film.

#4 Say no to what isn't meant for you

If you want to create more purposeful work, you have to be able to say NO to whatever doesn't bring it to you. And I know this is easier said than done because each of us has to pay the bills but it is possible and it is important. By saying no to the types of work you don't enjoy you will slowly start attracting the work that you enjoy and thus over time you will find yourself working on projects that are overall more purposeful. This tip is something I've been trying to implement for the past few months and slowly it's starting to bear fruits.

#5 Take it easy

Last but not least take it easy. Creating meaningful work doesn't always mean producing something big, quite the opposite in my experience. The most significant projects for me are the ones where there is no client on the other side, where it's just me and my friends, and where the process is the most important, not the outcome. So don't put too much pressure on yourself and just create whatever feels right for you. In the end, filmmaking or whatever you do should be fun for you and if it isn't then I suggest you to quickly find a new job 😜

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