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Focus on what you can give

by Carles Mas Clemente

Sep 05, 2022

Nowadays, social media creates inside us a strong need of wanting to do more, better and faster because we can’t stop watching others create and release hundreds of videos and photos per minute. But why is that?

I often see blogs, YouTube videos, or podcasts talking about how to grow your business and how to be better at your craft (including me in the past). Almost everyone talks about the same: The keys to building a successful business, the keys to becoming a great cinematographer, best tips to whatever…but almost no one talks about the most important tip. And no, it’s not networking. For me, the most important advice is to think about others

What do I mean by thinking about others? Everyone who prices themselves enough should know what the ego is. A characteristic of the ego is selfishness. I know this sounds belligerent to you but the funny thing is that if you’re feeling mad at yourself it’s because your ego is trying to protect you. This is what I want to talk about today. 

We think so much about ourselves. We all want a Vimeo Staff Pick, an Oscar, or recognition by others. It’s normal and there is nothing wrong with it. What may be “wrong” is the way how you achieve it. Let’s do a quick exercise: Think of a passion project you’re going to work on and ask yourself what you want from it and why you are doing it. We could find two main reasons. Because you want to add value to people and help a cause or someone else by releasing the film or because you want to win something, get attention or grow in your business. Is the second reason wrong? No, nothing is good or wrong in my opinion but I’ll give you an argument of why I think the option of thinking about something more than you and your interests can help you achieve what you want, help others during the journey and end up with a better result.

Winston Churchill was considered one of the best communicators in history. He said: “Everyone wants to be important, but nobody wants to be helpful” I agree with him. We all look for the things that fill our ego which I mentioned before but just the people that make big changes in history think about being useful to their audience. When we focus on the gift wrapping and not on the gift we lose the people, they are not our priority anymore. We become the priority and then the world remains the same because everyone keeps looking at their belly. 

This can be applied to any stage of our life but for me, it was important to talk about it here because our industry is extremely powerful in terms of making it possible for any message to arrive at any corner and person of this planet. I work now every day to be a better filmmaker because I want to be able to tell stories that help people and spreads a positive message of change for the good in this world. 

Think about it. We all have greatness inside us. Let’s use it in the best way we can and help each other to grow and see each other's greatness.

We all are stars, we just have to know how to shine.

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