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What is Lancie

Your one stop shop
for your next video project

Your one stop shop for your next video project

Lancie is a powerful, self-serve product empowering you to discover the best videographer for your project. Search creators, explore their portfolio and message them directly.

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Fast & Efficient

Find the perfect person for the job close to your location. Fast and efficiently.

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Community Driven

The largest and most diverse community of professional video creators in Germany.

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At any budget

Professional video content for any budget.

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Search from a talent pool of world class creators

Browse from a creative talent pool of over 500+ videographers. Choose your video requirements and find the perfect videographer for your project in minutes.

Post a job listing and hire a professional

Create a job listing with your project details on the Lancie Job Board. Relax and wait until available videographers reach out to you.

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